Beer masterclass

What does a beer smell like when it has been exposed to light?
My beer has a flavour of pine resin! Is it coming from malt, hops, or yeast?

Hundreds of different flavour and aroma compounds have been identified in beer. These can be traced back to beer ingredients and brewing methods.

At this masterclass, flavour chemistry specialist Sietze Wijma will explain the origins of important flavour compounds in beer and teach you to recognise them. You will explore your personal sensitivity to the various compounds. The compounds that will be discussed include diacetyl, DMS and 3-MBT.

How will it work? All samples are based on the same neutral base beer, where all but one of the glasses have a single flavour compound added. After the flavour compounds have been discussed, you will put your tasting skills to the test with a blind recognition exercise.

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What people are saying

“I spent the afternoon going through 12 beer flavours and taints with Sietze whilst in the process of revision for an upcoming Cicerone course. To be walked through these 12 beer flavours using a neutral beer was incredibly interesting, especially with it being accompanied by the origins of these flavours in beer. The recognition testing after the walk through of these standards really showed how much was learnt during the session and getting 100% on the test is a real testament to his talent and enthusiasm for this teaching. 10/10, would recommend.”

Josh O’Donovan