Wine tasting – masterclass

Why is there an aroma of green bell pepper in Sauvignon Blanc?
What are the different flavour notes as the result of barrel ageing?

What does ‘cork taint’ smell like?

A crash course in wine tasting! Learn to recognize 10 important wine flavour compounds and how they relate to grape varieties and winemaking techniques. The session is concluded with a blind recognition test to improve your tasting skills.

  • Learn about the origin of specific wine flavour compounds
  • Improve your tasting skills
  • 60 minutes guided tasting
  • 30 minutes training and blind tasting
  • 11 wine samples

Contact Sietze for a free quote. Please mention the number of people, the type of drink (beer/wine/whisky), and the type of tasting (introductory/masterclass). If you have a specific location for the event in mind, please let me know as well.