Frequently Asked Questions

Are the samples in the tasting kit safe to smell and taste?

Yes. The flavour compounds used are food-grade. The flavour compounds are the same ones that occur naturally in wine. They are present in a concentration you would also expect to find them in wine.

At what temperature should I keep my samples?

The samples can be kept at room temperature until the expiry date.

At what temperature should I taste my samples?

The samples are best assessed at room temperature. Some flavours may be more difficult to pick up at cold temperatures.

Do you ship to the United States or Canada?

Unfortunately we do not ship to the United States or Canada.

I have ordered a three-person kit. Can I use half of the bottle, and use the other half a few days later?

You can. The bottles behave just like other opened wine bottles; you can keep them for longer if there is more volume of wine left in the bottle. You can use refrigeration or preservation tools such as Private Preserve to extend the shelf life once the bottles are no longer completely full.

What base wine do you use for the tasting kit?

We use a neutral tasting wine. Examples of white wines are Veneto Pinot Grigio or unoaked Chardonnay. Examples of red wines are Chilean or Languedoc Merlot. The base wine is subject to change.

Where do you source your flavours from?

The flavour compounds are sourced from commercial vendors, laboratories and research institutions, such as AROXA™, École d’Ingénieurs de PURPAN and Sigma-Aldrich. They are not sourced from commercial sniffing kits such as Le Nez du Vin.