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Explore your sensitivity to different aromas. Explain the origins of specific flavours. Identify flavour faults consistently. Take your tasting game to the next level by attending a masterclass or trying a tasting kit. Find out more below.

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Red wine masterclass [FULLY BOOKED] WSET School LondonLondon, UK16 Oct 2023
White wine masterclass [FULLY BOOKED] WSET School LondonLondon, UK17 Oct 2023
Certified Cicerone® beer tasting examTwo Chefs FoodBarAmsterdam, NL20 Oct 2023
Wine faults masterclassBerlin Wine SchoolBerlin, DE13 Nov 2023
White wine masterclass (part of IHK geprüfter Sommelier)Villa VerdeHamburg, DE14 Nov 2023
Beer masterclass (CRAFT college)Brouwerij MartinusGroningen, NL16 Nov 2023
White wine masterclass – Sommelier editionBedales at LeadenhallLondon, UK27 Nov 2023
Wine faults masterclass – TBCHedonism WinesLondon, UK22 Jan 2024

Wine tasting masterclass

Beer tasting masterclass

Flavour blog

List of wine flavour compounds

Below is a list of compounds known to affect wine flavour. Flavour compound Descriptor Origin 1-Methylpyrrole-2-methanethiol Hazelnut Chardonnay 1-Octen-3-ol Mushroom Mouldy grapes 2,3,5-Trimethylpyrazine Chocolate Oak 2,6-Dichlorophenol Antiseptic Chlorophenol taint 2-Aminoacetophenone Artificial grape Premature oxidation 2-Ethoxyhexa-3,5-diene Geranium leaves Geranium taint 2-Furanmethanethiol Toasty Sparkling wine bottle ageing 2-Methoxy-3,5-dimethylpyrazine Mouldy Fungal must 2-Methyl-3-furanthiol Meaty Oak 2-MIB Mouldy Cork…

Sauvignon Blanc and its supposed cat pee aroma – The lowdown on 4-MMP

Introduction One of the varietal aromatic compounds of Sauvignon Blanc is 4-MMP. In terms of its sensory descriptors it is almost like a chameleon: sometimes it smells like a box tree and on other occasions it will remind you of gooseberries. Some people indeed dare to say cat pee. Origins Flavour scientists have identified 4-MMP…

Green bell pepper flavour in white wine

This flavour is neither the result of using green pepper extract, nor is it associated with soaking bell peppers in wine! So where does the often-mentioned aroma of green bell pepper come from? OriginsIt is widely accepted that the aromatic compound 2-isobutyl-3-methoxypyrazine is responsible for this flavour note. It is often abbreviated to IBMP and…

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