Tasting kit – faults

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Learn to identify 10 wine flavours associated with faults.

The kit consists of 11 samples (small bottles). One of them is the reference sample (labelled REF), the other 10 (labelled 1 – 10) are samples with each a single flavour compound added. Each compound is added in a realistic, challenging quantity: the same level you would find it naturally occurring in wine.

The samples are preserved with an inert gas blend. They have a shelf life of four weeks from the dispatch date. The samples are safe to smell and to taste.

Click to reveal the 10 flavours
Number Flavour Compound Fault
1 Musty TCA Cork taint
2 Bruised apple acetaldehyde Acetaldehyde
3 Caramel sotolon Oxidation
4 Drains methyl mercaptan Reduction/light strike
5 Smoke guaiacol Smoke taint
6 Horse blanket 4-EP Brettanomyces
7 Sweaty socks isovaleric acid Brettanomyces
8 Vinegar acetic acid Volatile acidity
9 Nail varnish remover ethyl acetate Volatile acidity
10 Potato skin potato pyrazine Ladybird taint

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187 ml per sample (three-person)